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Indian Maidens Bust Loose - Vidya Samson

Previously published under the (better IMHO) title "Indian Maidens bust loose", this is exactly what I needed to read right now. Lighthearted and a little off the beaten track.


At this point: Nisha and her sister Vinita are typical young indian women, stuck at home until a suitable marriage is arranged. Unfortunately their father manages to choose and present ridiculously unsuitable matches, which they find creative ways to either put off or reject. Now things are about to change, a long-banished aunt who committed the mortal crime of running away to America with a boy is returning, bringing her two daughters along with her.


So far it's funny and charming. Nisha is very likeable as narrator, Nisha's pappa is hilariously horrible, but rather ineptly so, and I like the way it drops you straight into the culture, which is probably unfamiliar to most of us, but without mountains of exposition explaining anything. Sink or swim.