Ghost Story (The Dresden Files, #13) by Jim Butcher

Ghost Story - Jim Butcher

Summary: After being shot and falling into the lake at the end of the last book, this one picks up 6 months later, real time, if only moments Harry time. Sent back to Chicago to solve his own murder, Harry must convince his grieving and in some cases damaged friends and allies to help him.


It's pretty good. The murder mystery was obvious before I even picked up the book, and I am usually terrible at murder mysteries. So there wasn't much suspense there. It was fun seeing Harry trying to convince his friends he was for real, and the new ghost lore was interesting, as was seeing an old enemy, even if she didn't turn out to have much juice.


What was more interesting though, was seeing the results of 6 months without Harry. Some of Harry's friends grew immensely, some are broken, perhaps beyond repair, strange and unexpected alliances have sprung up and the entire world has changed as untold supernatural powers scrap and fight to fill the power vacuumn Harry created when he took out the Red Court. 


But it wasn't great. It kind of felt like one of those filler books, marking time, while Butcher was waiting for a real plot to come along.