30 Day Book Playlist Challenge Day 5

Christiane F: Autobiography of a Girl of the Streets and Heroin Addict - Christiane F Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo - Christiane F.



Day 5: Favourite book featuring a musician/musical theme


Well this one takes a lot of thinking. I've read a couple lately with musical themes, but they aren't exactly all time favourites. So I'm reaching really way way back for this one, it was certainly a favourite when I was a teenager, although I admit I haven't read it in years. 


This is the tragic story of a teenager who gets sucked into a world of heroin and then prostitution as a runaway in Berlin in the late 70's. The musical connection is Bowie - the kids in the book are deeply into Bowie and he appeared in the movie as well as providing the soundtrack. 




It's a really tragic story, not least because it's true, and because the eponymous Christiane never really did manage to clean up her life. 




I'm a little scared to revisit it partly because of the harsh nature of the content, and partly because now, 25 years later, it might not be as compelling as it once was, and that would be a bit of a shame. Because it certainly left it's mark on me when I read it, only a little older than Christiane. This and a similar but really trashy exploitation novel about a kid in LA named Angel (which I can't find because searching for "Angel" on any book site is hopeless, nor do I remember the author.)