Classy author review response fun

Chihuahuas of the Zombie Apocalypse - Steven L. Hawk

Ok, just to prove that not all author interaction is bad, even on reviews, sometimes things get so surreal that there's no other choice, and the results are a bit hilarious.


There's a bit of backstory to this one.


Reader reviews Author A's book, and gets hammered in comments. Reader retaliates by one starring another of his books.


Fast forward a week, Reader finds Author B. Who happens to share a name with Author A. And one stars all his books too, writing scathing reviews about bad language from a christian author etc.


Leading to this reply from the author: 


"Hello Reader,

I don't often comment on reader reviews, but I think you may have mistaken me for another author. I am not the same Steven Hawk who wrote Massive Deceptions in Modern Christianity: (Vol. 1). I sincerely apologize for any confusion.

I did not see an "Amazon Verified Purchase" notation on your review, but I will gladly reimburse you for your purchase. You can find my email address in the back of the book. Please write to me with your address and let me know how much you paid for my book. I will get a refund to you in the mail.

Thank you,
Steve Hawk"


So what makes this so darn funny? The book by Author B is called "Chihuahuas of the Zombie Apocalypse" LOL. Genius Reader has mixed up a christian non-fiction author with someone writing about dogs and zombies, and is busy slamming his books and I was nearly dying laughing. (Although, in this case, I actually feel sorry for Author B, and think his response was flat out classy considering the situation - and the fact she likely didn't read more than the sample on the website.)