And the kindle destruction of GR continues.

And in further interesting news: If the Kindle import disagrees with the librarian supplied data, the kindle import does. Because "Amazon are the authority on ASIN's". Except the only reason we found that out is because kindle imports are REMOVING perfectly correct ASIN's on existing entries, and creating a duplicate book with the ASIN there.


For those of you who were never GR librarians, bear in mind the following:

  • Once a book has an ASIN there, it's never ever removed. If there's another edition, it gets a librarian note. You'd get your librarian privileges revoked for running around moving ASIN's to new editions, as Kindle is doing.
  • Whiny indie SPA Authors on GR bitch and moan that although they have used 37 variants of their name and three pen names on the covers, they want all their books on one author profile. Note that professional authors, trad pub or SPA, don't have this problem. So GR gives in, manually edits each and every one of those books to include the author's real name, so that they are all connected. The reason the Kindle is removing ASIN's and creating new editions is that the author names didn't match on the books. LOL. 
  • GR staff (two of 'em) just say "oh, lucky we have librarians to fix it all back up". 


I'm finding the whole thing hilarious. Well, apart from the "meh, let it bust the database, our unpaid workforce will fix it all right up" attitude.