A Darkness Within

A Darkness Within (The Darkness) - J.B. Taylor

An episode in my ongoing attempt to find something good amongst the 'zon freebies cluttering up my kindle. 


Plot sounded decent: A great cop of some kind (didn't figure out what exactly yet) has fallen into a pit of addiction and womanizing after a tragic mistake two years prior to the book starting. In one last attempt to get him back on the rails, whatever agency he works for assigns him a sponsor/babysitter in the form of a female partner and sends him off to solve some murders. Set in 1930ish San Francisco.


So, not good, a DNF somewhere in the second chapter, but it's not entirely without promise. Seems like there's a decent story in there, but it suffers from "let's describe everything including a side character's nose" over-description syndrome, some weird formatting, and grammar errors all through the first chapter. Nothing here that a decent editor couldn't fix, but things like managing to fit "three piece suit" three times in one paragraph, dialogue like "I don't by it", or a major plot point being the wayward agent being assigned a "stern conscious" instead of a conscience just make it difficult to read.