How to use tags to fake a group on BookLikes

And now for something completely different...


Instead of having endless discussions on a single post, which quickly leads to notification hell, how about faking it with the BL tags feature and blog pages? As a stopgap workaround it actually works quite well.


  1. Pick a tag. Something unique maybe. Let's go with uniquetag - easiest if it's one word, no caps.
  2. Go to settings -> Pages
  3. Hit that Create a page button and give your page a name and a title. Again, maybe "Unique!" as a title and unique as the page. It'll add your BL blog address behind the name of the page, that's ok.
  4. Now for the magic bit: At the bottom, where there is a drop down that says simple text, instead choose redirect to a url.
  5. Now for the only tricky part: in the redirect URL, put
  7. (but replace the bolded bit with whatever you put in the box above) and save.


Now anything tagged (by anyone) with that tag on their post, will show up in it's own list when you click on that page in your blog. Or you can bookmark it and go straight there. So tell people you want to be in your pseudogroup what tag to use, and off you go.



Obviously it's only a short term solution, you can't moderate or choose who can use it, but it is a way to semi-permanently gather up conversations on a theme, no matter who is starting them. You could also use this just to track an actual tag you're interested in too, I guess :)


ETA additional tip: Clicking your own avatar anywhere, including at the top of the dashboard, will take you straight to your public blog page. 


ETA: Screenshot: The two bits circled in red have to match exactly. Also put the url to copy (replace the bold bit with the name you chose instead) on a line of it's own so it's easier to copy/paste