Grave Peril

Grave Peril - Jim Butcher

More world building, it's nice to see the continuity starting to pay off. 

Not my favourite of the novels, but definitely readable. 

Harry's tendency to blindly trust completely the wrong people and alienate the right people by being suspicious of them really screws him over this time out, and worse, ruins things for Susan too. That'll teach him to be a chauvinist piggy. 

I finally "got" what everyone complains about Harry's duster obsession, I guess I didn't notice it first read through, but he really does mention it every other minute, which is kind of hilarious when you're looking out for it.

The plot is kind of silly though, there's too many enemies in play and it's a little confusing, and it definitely misses Murphy giving Harry grief. 

It was nice meeting new characters that I know will go on to be old friends, this is actually the first time I've read the books through in order, and I'm actually enjoying it.