Spidersilk - Akutra-Ramses Atenosis Cea

This is a slim volume, and the main problem with it is it's still too long. There is the core of a really good story here, buried in some really dense over-description. Cut ruthlessly and honed, it'd be a pretty good short story.


But it's a little hard to get to that core story, when there's so much description to wade through. There is literally no context I can think of where it's important to spend a paragraph describing the hair cut of a minor character who is just passing through a scene, nor do we need to know the fabric of the shirt our hero is wearing while driving to work. The effect is like burying a designer dress under a bunch of sweats and a winter parka; I can't quite tell what's underneath, but I can tell it'd look a lot better without all the trivia and extra layers. It needs editing and pruning and a serious attack of kill-your-darlings.


Also, this may seem damning with faint praise, but the cover is really quite nice, and I do appreciate that. Anyway, while I would really love to rate this higher, I do tend to rate to what the stars tooltips say, and so "it was ok" is still a good high step above a 1 star.


Disclosure: I won this book in a GR Giveaway, in return for an honest review.