Patient Zero (Joe Ledger Series #1)

Patient Zero: A Joe Ledger Novel - Jonathan Maberry

I guess I found my next "go to between heavier books" series after I catch up the Dresden Files.


Not a whole lot to write really, it's a good solid fast read, I'm wavering between 3 and 4 stars - I liked it a lot, but I suspect there's more and better to come from this series, with 7 novels and a ton of short stories.


The zombies here are done wonderfully (science! zombies, not supernatural! zombies).

The characters are a little stereotypical, but there's a wonderful amount of snark, although our hero does veer a little close to omnipotent badass of great justice, Marty Stu. I bet he's a gourmet chef too.



There is, at least, backstory and a reason for his all around badassery that keeps him just this side of sympathetically human. Also he loves his cat, so even if he is a gourmet cook, I think I can stand him for a few more books.


The mystery is handled pretty well, I was actually suspicious of entirely the wrong person for most of the book, and yet still thought "oh of course" when the culprit was revealed.



Yet I suspect that one of the reasons I don't give it 4 stars is that I mostly didn't care too much about the "who is the mole" mystery. I just won't miss that character, and it could have been any of a number of fairly throwaway characters, because there's a handful that are just too obviously redshirts.