A Subtle Agency by Graeme Rodaughan

A Subtle Agency: The Metaframe War: Book 1 - Graeme Rodaughan

I no longer rate or write proper reviews of books by people I know, it's a no-win situation. But I still read 'em.


So a brief note only: This reminded me a lot of Burning Paradise by Robert Charles Wilson, both with it's rather breathless pacing and with it's worldwide, thousands of year old conspiracies.


I wouldn't recommend this to vampire novel fans looking for extreme vampire tropeism, because the vampire-ness of one side of the conflict is fairly arbitrary, and seemed not very important at all. They could as well have been aliens or supervillains, This isn't necessarily a bad thing, if you like thrillers and think this looks interesting, but are not a vampire fan, then don't be put off by that.