Wave wave bounce bounce (and a wee challenge)

Still here!!


Since this is rambly, tl;dr the challenge bit is at the bottom.


I got a contract job late summer that was supposed to finish in November. And it did, and we delivered on time, and above customer requirements, so I got a whole 4 days off before they called us all back in and offered more work. Which is awesome, other than, this contract is up the 23rd of December (and it's Sweden, we celebrate Christmas on the 24th up here!). And it's an hour and a half from home, and we're working quasi-Australian hours, which has me basically working nights. So I'm basically exhausted most of the time. Thank goodness I only have one kid left at home, and she can pretty much fend for herself, we've gone several days where our only contact was by text, since she also has an hour plus commute to school but going in the opposite direction to me and on a more normal schedule!


So, between working all the hours I can find, and being too tired, I've been pretty much re-reading old book series while commuting (if I'm not just napping. Which, I'll be honest, I mostly just nap on the train!)


Anyway, this is just a pre-christmas wave and shout out to anyone out there who might have wondered where I got to :)


Also a big shout-out to comfort reads of very long series. And short ones. And just re-reading old faves in general. When I'm too tired to focus on a page properly, or take in anything new, an old friend of a book is just the ticket. It doesn't matter that I read the same page three times in a row, or skipped half a chapter, because I already know the plot, and I keep rediscovering gems of dialogue and characters that I'd long forgotten the details of. 


Also, a lot of these books are older stuff I just entered into (or in some cases, forgot to!) with at best dates, and no reviews. So I think my next few (dozen) reviews might just be some of my old favourites.


And for anyone out there, here's a tiny challenge: There's so many of my all time favourite books from the 70s and 80s that have virtually no reviews online, and I think people are wary of reading them - to be fair, not everything from that era has aged very well. So, next time you pick up an old favourite for a re-read, one that you haven't reviewed, Just do it! Maybe you'll be the one to bring it to attention of a new generation of readers! Or even just one person, who might not have heard of it without you.