And you thought US'ian politics was a circus ATM :)
And you thought US'ian politics was a circus ATM :)

So, here in Sweden, we have more than two political parties, and several of them were in an alliance or coalition and running the country.


The biggest of them just dumped the others with a text.


And they've run off to hook up with their former mortal enemy instead. (The one they spent the last century or so alternating places with to run the country - it amounts to our Republican/Dems joining up and holding hands, or for the Ukians, it's like the tories and labour forming a coalition.


But again, in case you missed it: IN A TEXT.


(My favourite part of the screenshot is the reply "Are you kidding me?" )


I am LOL'ing so hard, because this is so ridiculous. Also because nobody really has a clue what's going on right now, or how this is gonna work out.


(In a few years, there's going to be some actually fun to read politics books coming out around here though, dissecting all this.)


(ETA: See comments: IT's not the national govt, although it's the same parties, and the same party leaders who did it. Hence my missing the point it's only one region.


In my defence, the national govt is in a big old mess too, so it was entirely plausible. The entire front page of one of the national papers the other day was headlines of various party leaders saying variations on "WTF? Now what do we do?" and that WAS about the national coalition :)