Midnight Crossroad (Midnight Texas #1) by Charlaine Harris

Midnight Crossroad - Charlaine Harris

Reading Charlaine Harris is kind of like the reading version of microwave convenience food. It hits a certain spot, when you can't be bothered thinking too hard about what to cook, but you wouldn't want to live on it. And you've about forgotten what you ate, five minutes after you are done with it.


Not much more to say than that really. This is a bit of a crossover series bringing back some minor and in some cases very minor characters from her Aurora Teagarden cozies, the Sookie books, one of her other series I've completely forgotten the name of about psychics, (and I think more than that even) and plonking them all in tiny crossroad town in Texas. There's a murder, and a bit of a mystery, but although this is supposedly the start of only a trilogy, it feels like the worldbuilding introduction to a long series, a la Sookie.


The best I can manage really is, at least the main characters here aren't actively dislikeable. And the characterisation of the cat is fantastic. (I'm actually not kidding there. The cat "Mr. Snuggly" is by far the best character.)


I'll probably pick the rest of these up from the library, but not buy them. If I happen to remember.