I see a red door...

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Random "yes I'm still here" post. 


I did a bad thing. I re-read the entire Joe Pitt series back to back over a week. Talk about bleak outlook on life by the end of that!



And oh boy, I did some random reading through freebies I had grabbed over the years (they kinda stack up don't they) and there was some eye-openingly bad writing going on in most of them. It's odd that I continue trying this, but truth is, one of my favourite books of last year (Jason Gurley's Eleanor, currently pulled from sale because a publisher has picked it up) was exactly that, a freebie random read. Although I was aware of Jason via his lovely cover art for other people, I hadn't realised he wrote too, so when I found that out, I grabbed his book and it was fabulous. It's just that you gotta wade through so much dreck to find that odd pearl, and I'm not sure I can continue to be bothered. 


I think it might be time to dig out some less bleak UF, but I'm sorta over the PNR stuff, which is making it actually a little difficult to figure out what to read. I don't mind some romance up in my reading, but I'm just tired of trying to make sense of excuses for plots wrapped around indifferent erotica.


Since it's too hot to actually go out in the sun (don't judge me!) I'm gonna spend the weekend curled up on the patio with the laptop and my pile of unreviewed books. You'll be pleased to know I'm re-reading Ariel for a bookclub group read, and that always puts me in a good mood. So despite the overdosing on pulp noir vampire detective gloom, I oughta be in a much shinier by then. With rainbows even.