Spiritwalk by Charles de Lint

Spiritwalk - Charles de Lint

This is a sequel, of sorts, to Moonheart which I recently reread after many years and still loved. So I was kind of pleased to find both of them were on Scribd, because I've never read this one.


It wasn't originally intended to be a novel, it's more along the lines of an old-fashioned fix-up, although there is a single narrative arc to all the shorts included. But it just didn't work for me as well as Moonheart did. 


It is set some years after Moonheart, with some of the same characters making a reappearance, but many new ones as well. And it's certainly whimsical and quite lovely in places, but it just doesn't have the same feeling of wonder and discovery. It's darker, full of foreboding and loss but it's still really quite good. 


And don't read the spoiler unless you've actually read the book - I just wanted to get something off my chest, and maybe see if anyone else has ever read this and agrees, or has another perspective, but I'm really spoiling literally the last page here. Don't say you weren't warned. :)


Actually I know exactly why it didn't work for me: I guess I can't fathom the idea of someone having been given the gift Emma was, and not wanting it, spending years avoiding it, putting her friends and loved ones in immense danger trying to get away from it. And I probably would have marked this down to 2 if it weren't for that last scene with Juli and Whiskeyjack. Which boils down to, I think this book is ruined for me primarily because Emma is such a whiny dunce and I kept thinking "Blue deserves better than this". 

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