Second Line, Mattias Adolfsson

Second Line - Mattias Adolfsson

Art book, which you'd either love or hate I expect. Adolfsson hand draws incredibly detailed and very surreal images, and this series is basically a reproduction of the pick of his working notebooks.


This won the "most beautiful book produced in Sweden" last year, and it is fantastically packaged, as facsimile moleskin, packaged in a hard cover folding box, and with a poster and another small book alongside.


I can't sensibly review art, but I adore this guy (this is the second of three books, I don't own the other two, but I'm keeping an eye out for when they're on sale - this is actually one of my youngest daughters self-purchases, so I know the other two will make great presents for her, and plus I'll get to pore over them.)


And since the description does it no justice whatsoever, do click to embiggen these images, they are *amazing*.


ETA: for more (the books are limited edition, and a little hard to get hold of, but the info is there.)