Neverwhere, the BBC Full Cast Audio Play

Neverwhere: BBC Dramatization - Neil Gaiman, Dirk Maggs

A fabulous cast doing one of my all time favourite stories. Pretty sure the all dialogue, no exposition or narration style would not work as a first exposure to it though. Watch the TV show, or read the book, and revisit later with this, because without already having an idea who the characters are, and where the plot is going, this is probably pretty incoherent. 

I still loved it unabashedly though.

The main cast (and where you might know them from, below the jump :)

James McAvoy, being very scottish. (X-Men, The Children of Dune, Atonement)
Natalie Dormer (Irene Adler in Elementary, pointy faced Margaery Tyrell in GoT)
David Harewood (Homeland)
Sophie Okonedo (Liz Ten (Queen Elizabeth the Tenth) in Dr Who. Also Aeon Flux, etc)
Benedict Cumberbatch (Pretty sure you know what else he's done)
Christopher Lee (Rock Opera singer. May have made a few movies too :)
Anthony Head (Giles from Buffy)
David Schofield (Mr Mercer from Pirates of the Caribbean. Also An American Werewolf in London)
Bernard Cribbins (Donna's Grandad Wilf, Doctor Who)
Romola Garai (Atonement, The Crimson Petal and the White)
George Harris (Harry Potter, Black Hawk Down)
Andrew Sachs (Que? Manuel from Fawlty Towers)
Lucy Cohu (Torchwood, every british detective tv show ever)
Johnny Vegas (UK Comedian, if you've watched much of QI, you've seen him)
Paul Chequer (Torchwood, Sherlock)
Don Gilet (Doctor Who (Donna's groom, in the christmas special)
Abdul Salis (Casualty, Doctor Who)