On Robin Williams

I always blew hot and cold on Robin Williams. I loved some of his stuff, and totally didn't get it at other times. But I think overall I will miss him.


I've seen over and over people expressing the thought "but he was rich and famous and happily married and had a great career". I can't believe people still are so unaware about what mental illness does. None of that stuff means anything.


So this, from Cracked.com, where the funny people live online. If you have someone around you who says that kind of thing, make them read this, please.


Why funny people kill themselves


[ETA: I originally wrote Clinical Depression above, and I should know better. Robin Williams had a bipolar disorder, and Kaia wrote a very good explanation on why it's important to distinguish the two below in the comments.


But the point I was trying to make, before I stuck my own foot in my mouth, is that when you're at the point of suicide or suicidal ideation, it really doesn't matter how good your life may look from the outside looking in.


People wouldn't say "but he had (all sorts of good things)" if Williams had died of a heart attack, and people shouldn't be saying that now.]