Smart people, what's this word :)

Sort of book related, it's something I'm trying to translate for a friend (why do I get myself into these things?!) and I am having a total mind blank trying to find an english word for the swedish word Malm. In the original 16th century schwabian it was Vorstätte which my poor german tells me is modern german Vorstadt, which Wikipedia further kindly tells me is fauborg in French.


What does it mean: basically a densely populated area outside the city walls, often but not always divided by trade areas. Many of Stockholm's suburbs even now are named this way (Östermalm, Södermalm, etc.) For context, it's describing the area surrounding Stockholm in 1586.


I know a lot of people here read historical fiction or psuedo-medieval set fantasy, and tons of y'all are super smart, so if there's a word for this in English that I just can't think of, I'm sure someone out there has come across it!