Blurbs gone wild

Book Six in the [redacted by kiwis] Universe


A thousand years ago the gods said a comet had fallen.

Nearly everyone had died.

Now a small one is going to hit in six months . . . and a planet killer in eight years.


The young witches and wizards of Ash have a lot to learn, and a lot of growing up to do.Rustle Neverdaut is going to be a powerful witch, if she survives bullies, high society, rapists and her own greatgrandmother.

This is like the blurbs from two different books got together and decided to self publish.


In other words, I have no idea what's going on here. So I looked up book 1, to see if it illuminated me and met this:

3 novellas in the "[redacted by ever more confused kiwis]" series

Well ok. That helped. Not.


Note2Authors: Please, for the sanity of your readers, learn to blurb your epic works of great literature. Or even the bad ones you knocked out over lunch.


As for being readers, I am not one, for this author, because I still have no clue what any of the books are about.