A little personal squee and a panic.

So, y'all remember that survey I nagged everyone to fill out for me. 


Paper is almost done, we are writing the analysis right now, and then we have three weeks to polish it up before we have to hand it over to the opponents for the defence. Which is scary enough, and I would plan to be slightly drunk for the public defence except they went and scheduled us for the second slot of the day, at 10:30 AM. 


Then our advisor went and turned the heat up a notch: He wants to include it as a chapter in a book he's currently editing, with the small issue it has to be ready to go to galleys by the 31st of the month. AND we have to provide a copy for peer review by Sunday. To the guy who INVENTED one of the theories we have based our study on. And spent the last 30 years teaching it. Oh and to some other guy who's like world-renowned in the field (ok, it's a pretty tiny field, but still).


So on the one hand, I might be published in a peer-reviewed academic textbook, before I even graduate.


On the other hand, I might not, because I may either die of panic that the lord of the theory says we've done a horrible job and should be taken out back and shot for crimes against his theory.


And on the third hand, it means we have to prepare a completely different version, and complete it, THIS WEEK, because, well, a thesis has a bunch of rubbish motivating why we chose this theory, and that methodology, which isn't relevant to a textbook at all, and it's about 1/3 too long for the space left in the book anyway.


Anyway, I hope this works out, but in reality, it's a really tight squeeze, and our advisor said if we can't do both things at once, to focus on the thesis version, so I'm trying to keep my expectations modest. But still. SQUEEEEE!