Either / Or

A new meme, and I can't sleep, what apropos timing! I was tagged by Themis-Athena


Sepideh demonstrating the second most important use for books OB cat + books pic, here is Sepideh demonstrating the second most important use for books ('scuse the evil eyes, she doesn't like the flash much. But she does like sitting on piles of books. And pieces of paper. Or both, if she can manage it. :)


And so to the questions


Booklet or Tome?


Tome. I love to settle down with a really big huge book, and just lose myself in it. But that said, some of my all time favourites are fairly slim - I am Legend, for instance, is barely novella length. And I'm a huge fan of a good short story. But I'm still answering tome, because even with my love for the shorter forms, they're even better collected up into big fat anthologies. Single author, multi-author, on a theme, or not. I don't mind. 


Pre-Owned or New?


I really don't mind second-hand books. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents when I was a child, and after they retired and sold the farm, they were big auction junkies. There was a big weekly auction sale in town, went nearly all day Friday, and my grandad, since Nana wouldn't let him buy tractors to take home, would buy broken bicycles to repair and resell, and Nana would buy bits of furniture and reupholster them, and they would give me $5 or $10 and let me bid on giant boxes of books, often from estate sales, but sometimes just people cleaning out their houses. Often the tables were so busy and the boxes so full, you couldn't even see what was in them past the top layer, so winning the bids on a box full was like getting a treasure chest. 


We'd take them home, sort them out, and I got to keep anything I liked, and then Nana, who could do a million and one crafty things would fix bindings and repair any leftovers. I got my first copy of Lord of the Rings out of one of those boxes, one of the old ones with the black covers. It's also how I ended up reading Solzhenitzhyn at age 12. And once an entire huge moving box full of harlequin romances. 


Historical Fiction or Fantasy?

Oh that's easy. Fantasy every time. Historical Fantasy always ends up with me nitpicking an inaccuracy somewhere (or spending more time looking for one than enjoying the story.) With a good fantasy I can just let go and dive into the story.


Hardcover or Paperback?

I love a good hardback, but they're hard to curl up in bed with. Most of my non-fiction is hardback though, and a few most beloved novels that I've worn out multiple paperbacks of.


Funny or Sad?

I'm more of a drama queen, but I like a good sense of humour in a story too. Not really one for tragedies.


Do you prefer reading in summer or in winter?

Winter I read more, but summer out on the patio in the cool breeze is pretty nice too. So both.


Classics or Mainstream?

Both. A lot of what I have on my TBR list was mainstream but is becoming classic purely due to age. 


Guidebook or Fiction?

Fiction. I can't even imagine reading a guidebook for fun (maybe I should try it!)


Crime Novel or Thriller?

I don't read either all that often, but if I had to choose, I'd go with a crime novel. I do have a fondness for a good (usually old) noir novel. Most thrillers leave me cold though.


E-book or Print Edition?

This one goes with the next one: I'll buy the e-book edition most often, although I like print for non-fiction. If I really love a book though, I've probably got both.


Collecting or Cleaning Out?

I collect e-books, but not paper books anymore. After moving a dozen times, 6 of them internationally, I've learnt to keep it down to one box worth of the really beloved ones. I have more than that in the house now, but I wouldn't have any trouble letting go of most of them. 


I always let the kids take as many of their books as they wanted though, when we moved, and now they're all book collectors worse than me!


Internet or Bookstore?

Bookstore, by preference. Internet by practicality, since my reading habits tend to lie outside mainstream current best-sellers.


Backlist or New Publications?

Backlist. I have a very few autobuy authors that I grab the new books as they come out, but otherwise I have hundreds upon hundreds of books I already know I want to read, and the list is always growing.


Best or Bad Seller?

Most bestsellers leave me cold. I rather like finding the forgotten gem and maybe introducing it to someone else. 


Cooking or Baking Book?

I love to look at baking books, but I'm a terrible cook! 


It took me all day to get this written, so I think probably everyone I know is already tagged. But just in case not, Bookstooge, this is for you.