Speaking of breaks...

No spring break for me, despite the glorious Swedish spring weather. I've lived a lot of places, but wow, nowhere does spring like Sweden does it's spectacular. One day it's hovering around 0 degrees, the ground is bare, the trees are bare, the sky is grey, and then quite literally overnight everything is green, the air is filled with birdsong, the spring flowers are bursting out, the sky is oh so very blue. Coming as I did from a sub-tropical kind of place where you can only tell it's winter because it rains more and the daffodils pretty much bloom all year around because they can't tell when it's spring either, having actual real seasons was quite astonishing for me. So it's a shame I won't be outside much enjoying this one!


No, since I've been half-assed back in school studying for the last 3 years, on top of working, I've now hit junior thesis time. Oh joy. Wish me luck, and don't expect too much in the way of coherent literary criticism over the next few months :)


Which isn't to say I'll not be around at all, just not sure I'll have too much time over for reading or reviewing anything. But I'm counting on y'all for continuing to build foothills on my mount TBR, and keeping my sanity with copious amounts of gif-laden YA angst-fest reviews and silly cat pictures. As well as, you know, actual book reviews and discussion :)