Art tragedy

Not really book related, but it's such a tragedy, I figure book people will understand. The Art museum/gallery in the tiny town 10 minutes from where I live burnt to the ground last night, taking with it 8000 pieces of art, including an original Rembrandt and a retrospective collection of one artist covering their entire output from 1950 to circa 2000.


Mariefred is a wee little town (population maybe 15000, I would guess) but the royal family summer castle is there and it's only about 45 minutes from Stockholm, so it's a popular day trip destination, and the art museum was a real pearl. It was in what used to be one of the original castle barns. There was an explosion last night, and it's being investigated as an arson. I can't imagine what kind of person would want to destroy something like this. if you'd like to see what it used to be like.