The Voices of a Distant Star -Hoshi no Koe - - Makoto Shinkai, Mizu Sahara

Here's a little anime distraction for you. It's only 25 minutes long.


(I don't think the embed works for that site, so here is the link: )


Hoshi No Koe (Voices from a Distant star) is a tiny and beautiful thing. Written, animated and scored by one guy, alone on not even state of the art hardware for back in the day he made it (around 2000, if I remember rightly). 


It's the story of Mika, who in a slightly Ender's Game scenario is chosen as a young teen as part of the crew of the Lythisea, a UN spaceship about to embark on a cross-galactic journey in order to fight a war against hostile aliens, in the hope that defeating them before they can return to earth will defeat them forever. At home she leaves her first love, Sumi. After she leaves, they talk by text message, initially near instant, but over time taking longer and longer, eventually years to reach Sumi on earth. And due to relativistic time dilation, he is aging while she is not, and they are becoming ever further apart in every way possible. 


It's beautiful, beautifully sad, but hopeful, and goooorgeous animation (it really should be seen in high res DVD, but I can't come visit you all to show you it that way, so low res web vid it'll have to be.) 


After it went the y2k version of viral, there was also a manga produced, to make this book related :)