Towers by Matthew Bryant Reading progress update: I've read 54%.

Towers  - Matthew  Bryant

I seem to be on a roll lately picking up the indie freebies. This one is full on action thriller, set in a drug-fuelled and soaring tower-filled future. Grim, and set in the kind of world that cyberpunk usually is, but it's not technical at all, it's more like reading a future Mission Impossible.


Drops you straight into full blown action and doesn't let up for several hundred pages, while the world begins to build up around you. If you like the slow build-up and lots of explanation what's going on and who everyone is, don't grab this one. I was three chapters in before I figured out the protagonists name, but I didn't care :)


Then whammo, right around halfway, supernatural (I think. The dude is high as a kite most of the time :) subplot comes out of left field. Can't say yet if it's going to amp this up into a full blown hit for me, or ruin it, so stay tuned.