Ten things about me because oversharing is caring. I blame Grim :) 


Also, providing a soundtrack for the post, since it's long. Opening song from the very underrated Mecha anime Rah Xephon, which was vastly overshadowed by Neon Genesis Evangelion, but I think it's a million times better and more coherent. Also, great music (the song is Hemisphere, by Maaya Sakamoto). 


So on to the list then.


  1. I'm from New Zealand, but I left nearly 20 years ago. This is probably not a surprise given my username or avatar.
  2. I have three children, two girls 23 and 14, and a boy 19. So far none of them seem to be shaping up to be serial killers or rockstars, but there's still time.
  3. I'm ethnically Maori, with a smidgin of portuguese (my grandmother's father was from the Azores), the combination of which probably explains the short fuse but fast burnout temper. My ex-husband is Swedish, of Walloon extraction, so my kids have got the warrior thing going on in both directions. Which probably explains why they're all ridiculously tall and have even worse tempers than me. 
  4. I hate cucumber. With a passion. Apparently it's genetic. All I know is, I can sniff out a sliver of cucumber skin ruining an entire bowl of salad. I can seriously smell when someone across the kitchen cuts one, and ewwww, cucumbers are gross
  5. I have insanely weird and broad taste in music, it's one of my other passions outside reading. Pretty much anything goes. My mother was a classically trained opera singer who bailed on all that to become (briefly) a pop star in NZ. My grandfather was a big fan of the old style country balladeers like Jim Reeves, and I was a teenager just in time for the punk revolution (which like everything back then, took a couple of years to reach New Zealand). I was goth when that meant Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy, and Industrial when that was KMFDM. Don't ever ask me to make you a playlist unless you're likely comfortable with Japanese Visual Kei followed by a German band that has a bagpiper, and MC and a lead guitarist all at once, and wrapped up by a nice Armenian ballet, with the whole book-ended by some Canadian country music. OK, I'm not always that weirdly mixed up, but there's potential :)
  6. I'm another old school anime fan, and used to be part of one of the big fan-sub groups (I proofed and corrected many of the fan-subs for Noir and Madlax - btw you can watch them at those links, both are kind of interesting, in a fan-servicey badass chick assassin kind of way)
  7. Which reminds me, I'm Chrome's grandma. No really. Sort of. That one's gonna take some explaining - long story at the bottom [a].
  8. I also used to be a copy-editor at a newspaper. If you've seen the amount of typo's I let slide in my posts, and my horrific addiction to commas, this is probably the most difficult to believe of these ten items. In my defence, it was a really long time ago.
  9. I'm also apparently having a midlife crisis: After 20+ years in IT, I'm currently studying for a double degree in Pedagogik (which translates to Education, but in the US would be equivalent to a Philosophy of Education degree) and Psychology. While working half time. Clearly I'm also bad at making my mind up and focusing on one thing at a time. 
  10. I have two insaniac cats, but I'm a dog person at heart. I recently lost my best beloved Pyrenean Mountain Dog, and I just can't face another dog right now, or maybe ever. She was my "heart dog", best damn dog I ever had. The cats are doing their best to cheer me up, by sitting on my keyboard while I'm working, and on my head while I'm videoconferencing, but I'm still threatening to make them into slippers at least twice daily. They'd make really nice fuzzy slippers. One is a Norwegian Forest Cat, so he's enormous. The other one everyone always says "oh isn't she tiny", but she's not, she's just normal cat sized, it's the heffalump beside her making her look small. Oh snap. I need to go find myself a heffalump to stand next to at all times!
  11. Wow, coming up with ten things that aren't boring is hard. Or I'm kinda boring, because some of the ones I already mentioned were kind of a stretch. I'd talk about my favourite books, but that's kind of a given (and easy enough to find on here.)  I already did Music. Ok, how about a guilty confession: I adore the movie "Notting Hill". I can't flip past it on TV, even though I've seen it a million times, and I actually wore out a VHS copy. I'm not even a big fan of the leads, and not really into anything else, but somehow that movie is a perfect storm of pushing all my buttons. It still makes me laugh and cry, every damn time I see it. And upon publishing, I realise the reason I had trouble coming up with number ten is because it was number eleven. Doh.



[a]Actually I used to be one of the developers of KDE (a graphical desktop for Unix-likes), which developed a html rendering library called khtml to use in our web browser, Konqueror. I was also a FreeBSD developer at the time (FreeBSD is another unix-like operating system), and one of the small group that ported khtml to work on FreeBSD instead of just Linux. Now, Apple at the time had not long released OS X, and that is also based on FreeBSD, although it uses a very different desktop interface than KDE. However, they didn't have a good browser, and khtml was open source, and now we'd ported it so it wasn't linux-only, so they used it to create Safari. And no, they didn't steal it, in the spirit of open source, they did contribute back to khtml too. By the time Google got on board, and decided to get into the browser market, there were two options: Use the gecko engine that Firefox uses, or use khtml - which was smaller, faster, and more portable, and which apple had now wrapped up in a system called webkit, making it very easy to re-use. So, there you go, although there's probably only a very few lines of code from me still left in there, I'm one of the fools you can blame for Chrome.