God Jul!


Like most of northern Europe, the big christmas celebration is today, the 24th. The presents, the overdose on food, the "I have seen this 47 times already" traditional christmas tv and movies, 


This is the most Swedishest christmas song I could think of. And it's particularly swedish, I think, because this is a rather secular country, and the christmas traditions are rooted in both the pagan Yule and the fact it's cold and there's only 3-4 hours of daylight at this time of year, so candles and lights are a big part of the decorating.


So this song is not about "TEH CHRISTMAS", it's really about the gathering of family and friends, lighting a candle for those not with us, and being together with those you love in a cold dark winter. Last year all my children were here with me, but this year the oldest two are doing their own thing, one in another city, one in another country, so it's just me and the small fry. We cooked a ham and all the traditional christmas stuff anyway, but we'll be eating it until mid January!


Of course if I was at home in NZ, we'd be grilling chicken on the beach to eat with coleslaw, and going swimming after to work off the calories. And we'd be doing it tomorrow, not on Christmas Eve like here :)


As for the song, it's pretty, and is one of my Swedish favourites. Tommy Körberg some of you old folks like me may remember from the original cast of Chess, he had a pretty decent hit world over with the song "Anthem". Sissel Kyrkjebø is actually Norwegian, but we'll forgive her. That song from Titanic (you know the one) was written for her originally, and she is the voice of most of the music from the LoTR