Malazan 1: Reading progress update: I've read 1 out of 496 pages.

Gardens of the Moon  - Steven Erikson

I am blaming this on Bookstooge, because he asked how it compared to Tim Aker's Horns of Ruin on my review of that, and I couldn't answer, because I haven't actually read the Malazan books yet. But here goes. 10-ish books so far, and still going, plus various offshoots.


Reasons I meant to start this before:

  1. I love epic fantasy
  2. I love epic fantasy set in worlds that are not very like medieval earth - alien species, religions, etc
  3. What I've heard about Erikson's writing style, this will be right up my alley. (I loved the Black Company books, for instance.) All show, no tell, no background - all the things a lot of people really dislike about and complain in reviews about, just whetted my appetite even harder.


Reasons I didn't ever start this yet:

  1. TEN BOOKS and not done yet. And no idea how many there will be. On the other hand, I'm still reading Dresden, but that's more like watching CSI every week. Another year, another Dresden book, another case and Harry gets juiced up. This... we'll see. 


I half hope I love it as much as I am expecting to. And I half hope I don't, cos then I'll be down with another epic series to get through. On the bright side though, library has all of them through 6, which is pretty good going for my itty bitty town - so no waiting at least that far, if I do like it :)