Let the Right One In - John Ajvide Lindqvist Människohamn - John Ajvide Lindqvist

30 Day Book Playlist Challenge Day 7 and 8




Day 7: Book with a slow burn, but strong emotions (Ballad) 

Day 8: Book sharing a name with a song you know/love


I'm a day behind, and picked a book for Day 7, without looking what Day 8 was. And then I realised, another book from the same author would work for both :)


Despite being a semi-rabid Smiths fan back in the day, this is one where I actually found the song via the book. The song itself is a very obscure Morrissey B-side, called "Let the Right one Slip In", and the first two lines are "Let the right one in" and "Let the old dreams die", which Lindqvist used as the title of a short story collection too. 


And the book I originally picked for Day 7, is Människohamn, which I don't remember the name of in English ("The harbour of people? The human harbour?"). Unfortunately, it didn't have near the impact overseas as Let the right one in did, and I think it's because the translation was godawful. At least I read this first in Swedish, and even knowing it takes quite a while to get going, when I picked up the English version the first third at least were just horribly slow. Which is a shame, because once it does get going it hit me in the heart like I couldn't believe. Few books actually have had me flat out crying, but I this was one. So if you do ever pick it up in English, I'm sorry for the first bit, I hope you stick it through. That said, I'm nearly as big a John Ajvide Lindqvist fan as I was a Morrissey fan in 1985, and that's.... quite big :)


ETA: I just realised I assumed everyone knows what "Let the right one in" is about lol. In case you don't, a 12 year old boy in a poor suburb of Stockholm, with a mother who works too many jobs and a father who moved out, spends way too much time alone, and is dealing (poorly) with bullies at school all by himself.  Then he makes friend with an oddly self assured young girl who moves in next door, and who isn't at all what she seems, while being exactly what she seems at the same time.