The snark is spreading

Real  - Katy Evans

I spent the day in a haze of flu and sleep-deprivation, and only just found my phone. Not in the fridge, for once, it was in the laundry, because that's a much better place to leave it, obviously. Or I'd have posted this earlier.


Eldest daughter is a major McSnarkyPants on a truly epic level. And back when all her friends were still into Twilight, she was inviting folks around to have MST3K snark movie marathons about it. So she has acceptable taste in books, even if I never convinced her to read anything more sci-fi than H2G2.


So I near died laughing when she texted me today from the book store with "OMFG mum, you have GOT To read this book, it's f'kin hilarious, liek 50 shades got twilight pregnant and they had a really ugly baby". Attached to a pic of guess what cover. And no prizes for guessing, cos I recognized the belly with the funky posture immediately even from a tiny mms pic.


I told her if she buys me that for christmas, I'm gonna disown her to which she replied "you do remember I moved out years ago right?" 


Smartass. And she better bloody not. One of these days I'll get her into book blogging :)