Sepideh is a dork
Sepideh is a dork

Derrolyn posts the best silly cat of the day pics, but this one's pretty good. And has a story.


Sepideh likes to sleep on bags, including her carrier bag (it's on the back of the desk there). She also likes boxes though, so in an attempt to entice her into a box, so I could put the bag back in the cupboard, I gave her one on the desk. 


Which she promptly ignored, so Sune climbed in and took a nap. 


At which point Sepideh managed to fall off the bag (I have no idea how she managed that) and send the box and everything else on the desk flying, very nearly tipping him off the desk entirely. 


Then she just lay there like this for like ten minutes, as if to say "This was entirely intentional, I am quite comfy here thank you, human" 


Sune of course slept through the entire thing, comfy in his box.