Caressed by Ice (Psy-Changelings, #3) by Nalini Singh

Caressed By Ice - Nalini Singh

More fun than #2, still not quite up to #1, but close. 


I like that these books have a real plot going on, with the Psy politics and psychopaths, although I have to not think about how it's a little odd that the couples are pairing up sequentially just in time to move the plot along. Do Not Overthink the PNR! Still a bit more sexytimes than I am used to reading, but I've gotten used to it. And it's pretty hot stuff too. 


This time around we had a different dynamic where Brenna the wolfchicky hooks up with Judd "The IceMan" Psy, sings him Righteous Brothers songs in a bar and then carries him off from a factory in a nice white uniform. Or something like that. I mean, for some reason I had romantic 80's film theme songs going through my head the WHOLE time. Of all the couples so far (ok, only 3), this is the only one that did that to me. I have no idea what that's all about, I just thought I'd throw it out there. 


Series overview so far: There's a good solidly thought out Sci-Fi/Fantasy world going on here, and an equally good Romance series, it's not one with a bit of the other tacked on. If you're normally interested in one side of that equation, and still trying to figure out the hype about PNR, this series might do it for you. It's working for me, at least. 


Anyway, Judd is a cold hard psychic assassin man, and Brenna is stubborn and tough as hell wolf shifter, although she's a little bent around the edges after what happened to her in book 1. Someone is out to stir up a fight between the changeling packs, and someone else is trying to kill Brenna, and the Psy council are all up in each other's faces trying to one up each other in the evilosity department, and the sum total is a really good ride. Also shifter Deer! and Hyenas! and even Eagles (but only a mention).


Builds nicely on the setup from book 2, which makes up for my feeling that one was a bit fluffy filler. Although I personally like the continuity, and would have liked to see some more of Vaughn and Faith in this book, I realise by the time we get to book 10 there won't be room to include everyone all the time. In my defense this is the first one of this kind of series I've gotten past book 2 of (or wanted to get further in), so I'm still learning the tropes and rules.


Another random thing I liked: Instead of "Oh I have such troubles, and I cannot tell my beloved about them", with one or both partners blowing hot and cold and the other side not knowing why, these two pretty much know exactly what their problems are. And though they both try a bit to hide it, they both get called on it, and straight up admit they don't know if they can overcome them, but they're gonna try, come what may. I liked that. Keep it up Ms Singh, keep it up.