Help me find a Chinese book please.

Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio - Pu Songling, John Minford Strange Tales from Liaozhai, Volume One - Pu Songling, Sidney L. Sondergard Strange Tales of a Lonely Studio (a classic literature work with a collection of about 500 stories by Pu Songling of the Qing Dynasty) (Chinese Edition) -- BookDna Famous Children's Literature - Pu SongLing Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio - Pu Songling

Because I already figured out BookLikers know everything, between us, does anyone know a good translation of Pu Songling's Liaozhaizhiyi* or "Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio".  


Illustrated would be awesome, but just any good translation into English that maintains some of the style of the original and isn't ridiculously difficult to read. I'm particularly looking for the story of Xiao Cui, so just that story would be cool.


You're probably wondering why I'm even asking, since I just linked to four different ones up there, but that is the problem. There are many translations out there, and I've been really burned picking the "difficult" ones before of various things, so if any Sinophiles out there recognise any of these translators, or publishers, or can tip me the right direction? 


This is one of those things I've been kind of looking out for for years, and keep forgetting about, but now I'm going to look seriously, sort of inspired by this great review of Bridge of Birds by Carol, which is another book I've been meaning to read for everrrrr and keep forgetting about.


As for the why, both my daughters are sinophiles, since my ex husband now lives in Shanghai, and many years ago he bought home a little lacquer box with a fox spirit girl on it for my youngest, and told her that her name was Xiao Cui, and both my girls - who were already big anime fans, and know of Japanese Kitsune - were quite enchanted by her, the story, and fox spirits in general.


So now it's their shared sister "thing" - one will get the other a fox ears hat for christmas (check it out, cute eh?), and the other crochets a bunch of fox amigurumi for big sisters apartment and so on. So I'd really love to find a copy of the origin of it for them. 





* yes I had to go copy that spelling, don't mock me or I will make you pronounce maori place names like Maungatawhiri and Maungatapere or Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu - which I did not have to look up, because I just got smallest daughter to type it in, so blame her if that one is spelled wrong :)