Turn Coat (The Dresden Files, #11)

Turn Coat - Jim Butcher

So, my re-read of the Dresden books is now taking me into new territory, the ones I didn't read before. Still, it's Harry and the gang, so it's a curious mixture of new things and old familiar. 


This one had a few more surprises than the last couple, all the long and careful worldbuilding is finally coming out to play, things going all the way back to the first couple of books becoming significant. Again we lost characters, but Harry also gained allies (I suspect they were always his allies, but now it's more open.) 


Jim Butcher has certainly come a long way since those first couple of books, the writing is tight, the pacing is relentless, and he's got a full crew of characters operating true to themselves in a world that is so internally consistent it feels real, and I keep looking around for pixies every time I have pizza.



I do worry a little about the next book. There's an air of "Harry is the saviour" and "oh look at all the things he can do, and he doesn't know he's not supposed to be able to" and while Butcher's been doing a good job keeping Harry from power-explosion DBZ style, there's also always been a questioning disbelieving and even disapproving presence in the background. And now that presence is gone, and Harry really needs someone who questions him, because he's reached the point where he's been doing so well, if he starts believing his own hype he's going to overstep. Or maybe that's the point. Personally, I hope someone else takes over that role, although I'm not sure who at this point would make sense to. Luccio maybe.


Also, NOT HAPPY about Thoe-mass. NOT ONE BIT!