Batman: Earth One (preview sample)

Batman: Earth One Special Preview Edition - Gary Frank, Geoff Johns

This was more of an experiment in format. Although I rarely remember to add them to my book catalog, I read graphic novels quite often, although superhero isn't my typical genre. But who can turn down Batman.

Anyway, I usually read them either in DTB format, or via a proper comic reader (Comicrack is my favourite), but I wanted to try the kindle. Which turned out to be a huge failure. This wasn't compatible with my kindle, or even the kindle desktop reader, so that experiment died on takeoff. I gave the cloud reader a try, but it was horrible - awkward navigation, sloooow, and multiple timeouts forcing a reload of the entire thing.


Add to that, the content was a bit of a let down. Nice art, but every second page seems to be a full page ad for the Dark Knight movie, and some of those ads actually look enough like the story pages to be confusing.


All in all an unsatisfying experience. (I might try pick this book up DTB though, because the art was nice, and I'd like to see if there's a story in there.)