On following and followers

Currently, I'm more or less auto following anyone who follows me, or anyone I recognise from other sites. 


I realise eventually that will lead to madness, so I'm going to say this upfront - when there are groups and pm's and all the other shinies that BL have promised us, I'll probably do some unfollowing. Or follow more people, who knows. 



Just know that it's not personal, whichever, and I think following/friending doesn't have to be a mutually reciprocal relationship. I've always followed far more people than I have had friends, on any site, and that's fine with me.


Some people are broadcast only, and some are chatters, and some like to really get down and dirty and into deep discussions. And that last is really where groups shine, while the first are made for following and not having them follow me back, and the midlist (oh! a book joke!) are probably either people I like to chat with, or people who drive me insane. 


Then there's the fact that some of us just have different taste in books - sometimes that's good, I followed one person I found who is clearly a guru of cozy mysteries, because it's a genre I'd like to explore, but since I don't actually read any of those (yet!) I can well understand why someone into them wouldn't follow me back. Ditto YA, which I mostly only read so I can understand wtf my daughter is talking to me about, or to check out a book I've been recommended to recommend to her.


And finally, some people are like short posts, and some of us write essays all the damn time. As someone smarter than me said "I'm sorry this is so long, if I had more time I would have written a shorter letter".


As reward for sticking it out this long, and because this is the internet and that's where we do that kind of thing, here's my cat looking like everyone still reading this probably feels. Bored to tears :)