Summer Knight (The Dresden Files #4)

Summer Knight  - Jim Butcher

Typical Dresden, chauvinism, bad fashion sense, pig headedness and all. 

On the bright side, Murphy finally gets to know what the heck is going on, the Alphas make a most welcome reappearance, and we get a wider look at the world of Faerie as well as the political machinations of the White Council. 

Not much to say, the writing improves with every book, although the story here left me a little cold [and didn't Lily's predicament remind you a bit of the girl who worked for Kovacs from a couple of books ago? I hope there's not going to be an endless string of helpless little orphan girls that need saving.]

Overall, a solid but not spectacular entry in the Dresden Files. (And I've found it helps make even the duller bits more interesting to mentally read all Harry's dialogue in Paul Blackthorne's voice. So sue me. :)