Thief of Lives (Noble Dead, Series 1, #2)

Thief of Lives - Barb Hendee, J.C. Hendee

tl;dr version: Better than book 1, fast easy read, still comes in a bit long, but good enough to keep me reading the series.

An improvement over the first book, certainly. I agree with the other reviewers, it dragged a little and could have been rather shorter, but it's a fast and lightweight read already. As per the first book, Leesil is much more appealing than Magiere, who comes across as angsty and self-absorbed. 

There's something odd when many of the things supposed to be causing mystery and tension (ie, Welstiel) are blindingly obvious from the get go though. The elf background story is much more engaging and interesting than the dhampir one, but I do feel like this book added a great deal to the world building of the first one, it feels like a proper world now, with distinct countries and cultures - and I can see myself reading a couple more books yet to see if that worldbuilding is put to good use.