My BookLikes wishlist

So I've only been here a few days, and actually I really like the site.


It's very much like tumblr, which makes it immediately comfortable. The customer service is astonishingly good and responsive, even as we the GR refugees have hammered the site to the limit (and past, a couple of times).


That said, nothing's every perfect, and GR was missing a ton of things back in the day too. And yes I realise this is a different kind of site with different aims, but this is a wishlist not a "If you don't implement it booklikes, I am stamping my feet and leaving." Because I've already done that once this week and it's tiring!



  1. An export option. 
  2. Groups. Multi-author blogs would probably do the trick actually. A way to interact with people on a theme
  3. If we can have groups in some format, some of the calendering/challenge stuff would be awesome.


For the export option, CSV is fine. Making it put out in the same format as GR or LT would probably be doubly handy, but not necessary. Please don't truncate the reviews though. I don't want to actually use it, but you know, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I'd like to be able to, should the need arise, and I'd like to practice it a few times in between, because backups = doubleplusgood anyway.


Groups because they were a major draw at GR, and the only thing keeping me there at all now (everything else will probably be posted here instead and allowed to sync).


People come, people go, keeping up with following everyone I ever interacted with would be madness. But a way to interact outside directly commenting on each other's posts would be neato. My tumblr dash has probably 70% blogs that haven't had a post in a year, but I'm too lazy to purge them. Groups are good for avoiding follower/following cruft.


And for number 3, planned group reads are great fun, if you have a good group to do them with, and being able to schedule them ahead is nice for the members. 


And that's all. One of these is probably pretty simple, the other two are massive, and like I said earlier, I don't expect them soon or even the near future. But I'd like them :)