Death Masks (Dresden Files Series #5)

Death Masks - Jim Butcher

Where the Dresden files excels is in really solid worldbuilding and continuity. Even side characters keep developing, and keep turning up, and it gives the world a feeling of solidity and realism that many other authors can't keep up even this many books in.


Otherwise, this was more of the same, which is equally much why these are a fun read, and why they aren't precisely great literature: You know what you're in for, and it'll be a quick, fun, sarcastic ride.


This time around: Fallen Angels, a duel with the red court, Susan, a club for half vampires, the Knights, the Swords, Murphy, Marcone, and pretty much everything but a kitchen sink and the werewolf pack. I got a little lost in the middle, and found the duel storyline a bit of overkill (and then an anticlimax.)


Susan back was nice, and the outcome couldn't really go any other way (but Mister Butcher, please don't write any more sex scenes. Really. Please.)