Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence

Prince of Thorns  - Mark  Lawrence

There's more than enough reviews about this book that dive deep into the protagonist's likeability or lack thereof. I'm not going to go there - if you've decided to pick this up, you probably already know most of it by now, and you have to make your own decision.


In any case: Did I enjoy it? I think I did. I certainly read it fast and can still remember it a good deal better than a lot of other books I've read. I actually found it fascinating to be rooting for a protagonist who is most definitely not a hero to be idolised, yet for everyone's best needs to succeed. I've always had a preference for grey morality (albeit, in this case, the grey is pretty dark, let's say, charcoal grey) over the righteously self-righteous. Or the evil so deeply evil it's a caricature.


Will I read on in the series? Quite likely. But this is not a binge read for me, for sure.


Would I read more by Mark Lawrence? Without a doubt.