I got myself a new job. And it's *perfect*.


tl;dr version: Work at home, flex time, fascinating and progressive tech company, and a decent if not astonishing pay packet (mitigated by the fact I won't have to commute or wear anything but pyjamas to do it.)


I haven't had an actual proper full time job in a couple of years (ok, five, actually, since before I went back to school), I've been freelancing and part timing and cobbling together things which sometimes means insane hours to make project deadlines and sometimes means I had no work at all. But it did mean I often got to work at home, and set my own hours, which I really liked.


So this new job, is like the perfect storm of everything: Still project based, I'll be managing teams for external clients, mostly involving creating multilingual text-to-speech and speech-to-text tech. But instead of freelancing and having to find my own jobs, I'll be part of a huge (really huge) organisation that is bang up to date technology wise. I got the job and get to work at home even though I live in Sweden, most of the clients are in the US, and the company is based in Australia. Any hours I like, as long as I'm available to teleconference scheduled meetings once or twice a week, and the deadlines and quality controls are met :)


I really want to tell you who and what the actual job is but although I haven't signed all the contracts yet, I'm expecting a stack of NDA's. Suffice to say the major client is VERY big, many of you might use the resulting product on a daily basis, and it's not called Siri :)

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To make this even remotely book related, expect random non-fiction books on tts and AI's to be showing up on my shelves. Also I have to teach myself Python, something I've been actively avoiding for the past 10 years or so. If anyone has a crash course to Python recommendation I'd be happy to hear it (for background, I can C/C++/PHP/shell script/Ruby so I don't need absolute beginner stuff. I just always thought Python was ugly - not enough parentheses and semicolons :)