Keith Moon Stole My Lipstick by Judith Wills

Keith Moon Stole My Lipstick - Judith Wills

Judith Wills left home at 16 and talked her way into a job writing for a pop music magazine at the height of the swinging 60's in London. This book tells her story from the 1968 through 1975, working for Fab 208, writing about pop stars, music, and fashion.


Almost all the stories about the shenanigans backstage are new to me and most of them are fairly innocent. But while it's got it's charm, I seem to have a knack lately of picking up non-fiction books that just don't have any meat on the bones. Late 60's/early 70's London wasn't only bright neon fashion and the Osmonds and happy go lucky partying, but you'd think so. The odd way the pop tales are contrasted against the very much darker inserted flashbacks of Judith's fairly awful childhood, makes this a little disjointed to read. And she seems oddly unhappy with what is, after all, pretty much a dream job.


It makes it up to 3 stars because, as said, not too many people are writing new things about the behind-the-scenes of this era, most of it's already been written (and rewritten) so it was fun to read things I hadn't heard a hundred times before. But I was a little disappointed overall.