Mother, Can You Not? by Kate Siegel

Mother, Can You Not? - Kate Siegel

Short book of essays based on an Instagram account documenting the crazy text conversations between a mother who feels "Helicopter" isn't strong enough to describe her and prefers "Drone Mother" and her now adult daughter.


For a book based on a social media account, it's not bad, in fact it's pretty charming. But Ms. Siegel's mother is an absolute treasure. Feminist, protestor, animal lover, respected TV director since the 80's, and clearly utterly fearless. 


The glimpses of the real woman you see are much more interesting (and possibly even funnier) than reading about how mortifying Kate finds dealing with her outspoken directness. In the end, there's not really much meat here (although, the story about how Kim Friedman coopted her teenage daughter to steal a cat from a shelter is pretty hilarious.)


Like other reviewers I'd rather actually read a book by her mother, or even a straight up biography written by Kate - she is an engaging writer and her mother is a spectacular subject, I would definitely read that book.