Reading progress update: I've read 11%.

Venetia - Georgette Heyer

It's Sunday! I remembered to start reading the book! (I'm surprised, my self-organisational skills seem to have fallen to zero the last few months!)


And now that's enough exclamation marks.


I seem to have acquired a large print library book, which is highly entertaining. It's also very huge and heavy and my three-times-broken wrist complains a lot, so I'm probably going to only manage a couple of chapters a day.


First impressions: Venetia is full of spunk and really has had the short end of the stick, but seems to have made the best she could out of it so far. And she's just met our hero, who in typical regency romance fashion was acting like a complete tool during the whole encounter. 


Oh but sparks were flying, already. So far so good.


I also rather liked the observations about the dog, Flurry :)


The language and style was a little difficult initially, having just come off a bunch of contemporary UF! but I found myself settling into it, so it's not that hard.


(This helped: - annotations for quite a lot of the VERY thick on the ground regency pop culture allusions, literary and artistic and general background info.


I had another one as well, similar, but covered some things not on that page, but I lost the link or rather, I can't remember which browser history it's in. Although I did recognise a few of the poetry snippets and other quotes myself it was very far from all of them.)