The Revenge of Rose Grubb by Rachel Eyre

The Revenge of Rose Grubb - Rachael Eyre

Currently free on Kindle 2016-01-19


Surprisingly good, this was a fast read. It's a little hard to describe - the cover is terrible and the blurb doesn't really do the story justice.


In short, famed illusionist Hestia is invited to appear on a smash hit tv talk show, having engineered and reimagined her entire life around just this opportunity: A chance to visit revenge on the hostess of the show, who has been a bully and nemesis for nearly 30 years, since early teenagerdom, when she wasn't Hestia, but a chubby schoolgirl named Rose Grubb, long before even the first of her many self-reinventions.


It's wry and quirky, and rather British, and I found several parts of it quite funny.


It's a little bit Witches of Eastwick, and a little bit an examination of the way bullying can haunt people far beyond the time of it's occurrence, and a little bit revenge fantasy. It's about obsession, good and bad, and where it can get you... or not. It's a bit supernatural urban fantasy, and a bit of a love story but not at all a romance.


Fair warning for some same-sex content (and some very British attitudes to sex, which seems to amount to you can be outrageous as you like as long as you don't get in the tabloids).