I once was lost but now I'm found

I have Amazing Grace totally stuck in my head. But this post is not about that.


I have noticed, since I came back after a bit of a hiatus, that I am missing people from my feed. The possible causes that occur to me are:


  • Drunk or delirious unfollowing, on my part. Although I rarely drink.
  • My cats have figured out the keyboard and are messing with me.
  • Some glitch somewhere.


Point is, I keep finding people I thought I was following, and I'm not. It's very odd. And if you see me following you and think "I thought she already was", sorry, I guess I wasn't. Or maybe I was, I don't know anymore.


Also it's -21C here, and I think my brain mighta froze. Perhaps that should be on the list above as a possible reason.