The Tower of Fear by Glen Cook

The Tower of Fear - Glen Cook

If you're after some fantasy that isn't pseudo-medieval, this is a pretty good choice, being set in a clearly middle-eastern-like environment. And if you're a Cook fan like me, this is not awful, although I can't rate it as high as the Black Company books. And it's a standalone, a rare thing in fantasy (or sci-fi, or seems like any genre, these days)


Very Cook in the typically grey morality, even most of the most villainous of villains are given some sympathetic character treatment. You may not like them, or anything they do, but you can at least understand their motivation.


I liked it well enough, but the plot is very twisty and there are approximately 427 characters to keep track of, some with multiple names depending who's talking to them, and others with multiple names because they are playing shadow games between factions.

I actually found when I stopped worrying too much about the characters and just concentrated on keeping track of the plot, I did a lot better.

I think I need to let this one settle a little, and then re-read it. And I think I'll probably like it even better.